All Christmas tree prices include FREE* delivery. 

We delivery fresh cut Christmas trees from Dandenong Christmas tree Farm. 

Christmas trees are cut just prior to delivery and packaged in a net for protection during transport. 

*FREE = Melbourne Metro area is in accordance to our map. 

Extra surcharge for delivery for the following areas of Melbourne: 

CBD (City of Melbourne) $50 - due to heavy traffic, limited parking, loading docks and elevators.

Postcodes: 3000 and 3009

Inner city (City of Melbourne) $10 - due to slow traffic and limited parking.  

Postcodes: 3002 3003 3004 3005 3006 3008 3010 3031 3032 3050 3051 3052 3053 3054 3141 3207

West of Melbourne - (over the Westgate bridge) we deliver to this area on a regular basis

Mornington Peninsula - we deliver fresh Christmas trees to this area on 13th December

Out of Metro - Any where else outside the Melbourne Metro area, we deliverer fresh Christmas trees on a case by case basis. 

If you can not find your area of delivery or would like to know if we deliver to your area, please email us at: contact@DandenongChristmasTrees.Online