Christmas tree stands are used to keep your Christmas tree upright. 

These are the best Christmas tree stands available on the market, they are stable, hold water and are re-usable. 

The brand "Cinco" is made in the USA. 

If you just want to purchase a Christmas tree stand without a tree, do so below. If you want to purchase a Christmas tree together with a stand, please do this on the Christmas tree section. 

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  • Small Christmas tree stand cinco 8

    This Christmas tree stand is ideal to hold up a Christmas tree upright. It is easy to install a Christmas tree into this cinco 8 with 3 bolts that slide in and hold the trunk of a Christmas tree of maximum of about 15 cm's. At the same time it holds nearly 4 litres of water, so watering your Christmas tree can be only once a day. 

    • $50.00
  • Medium Christmas tree stand cinco 10

    Cinco 10 is a medium Christmas tree stand. It can hold ample of water, approx. 6.5 Litres! Has a wider base making it more stable when a Christmas tree is in place. The 4 bolt system keeps the trunk of the Christmas tree in it's place with a maximum trunk size of about 17cm's. 

    (image shows the Christmas tree trunk in the cinco 10 stand with water)

    • $60.00
  • Large Christmas tree stand cinco 12

    The largest of the cinco brand, the "cinco 12" is a Christmas tree stand that beats all the others. With an extra wide trunk space holder. Maximum trunk size is approx. 20 cm's but remember, it will not hold smaller Christmas trees due to it's extra wide spacing for the trunk. Recommended for Christmas trees between 7 foot right up to 10 foot. 

    • $80.00