Grade A Christmas tree 7 foot (2.1M)


A Christmas tree at 7 foot stands 213 cm’s tall… Remember to check your celling height making sure you have ample of room. Personally selected by Neil the farmer and his team on the day of delivery making sure it is of the highest quality, it will be netted for transportation and delivered right to your front door. Delivery is FREE 7 days a week  🚛 🌲

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Introducing our magnificent 7-foot Real Christmas Tree! Embark on a journey to transform your home into a festive wonderland, all made possible through our seamless online shopping experience and guaranteed delivery on your chosen day. Notably, we meticulously select every aspect of our trees, ensuring the highest quality and upholding our commitment to environmental responsibility. With over 60 years of experience, our farm employs eco-friendly techniques, such as utilising recycled water, to cultivate these exceptional trees.

Reasons to choose our 7-foot Real Christmas Tree:

Optional Tree Recycling Service: Opt for our tree recycling service, providing your tree with a second life, thus contributing to a sustainable holiday season. Moreover, by clicking here you can access the collection details.

Protected Delivery: Rest assured, we securely net all trees to ensure their protection during transportation. This meticulous approach guarantees their arrival in perfect condition, ready to be showcased in your home.

Perfectly Shaped Trees: With year-round dedication, our team nurtures our trees, meticulously crafting them into beautifully symmetrical and well-balanced shapes. This results in a truly joyous decorating experience.

Age and Growth: Each foot of our 7-foot tree represents a minimum of one year of growth, highlighting the significant time and care invested in cultivating them.

Charitable Contributions: We are proud to contribute a portion of our sales to support meaningful causes through charitable donations. By making a purchase, you actively participate in these valuable initiatives.


Choose our 7-foot Real Christmas Tree to infuse your home with beauty, warmth, and sustainable traditions. Embrace the opportunity to create cherished memories while embodying the spirit of giving through our exceptional trees.

Weight 60 kg


Trunk width


Stand recommendation

Large stand (Cinco 10), Medium stand (Cinco 10)

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