Christmas Tree Installation:

Effortless Setup for a Festive Showcase

Make your Christmas tree setup hassle-free with our convenient installation service. Alongside our delivered Christmas trees, we offer the option to have your tree expertly installed into a sturdy Christmas tree stand.

During the ordering process, simply select the checkbox indicating your desire for tree installation. We’ll take care of the rest! Our friendly driver will arrive at your doorstep and seamlessly place the tree into the stand, ensuring a secure and upright position. If you don’t have a suitable stand, you can easily purchase one from us to avail of this service.

Forgot to add installation to your order? No worries! Click here! to rectify the situation and enjoy a stress-free setup.

Please keep in mind:

1. Stand Requirement: A working Christmas tree stand is essential for installation. You can either purchase one from us or provide a functional stand of your own, we strongly recommend the “Cinco” Christmas tree stand.

2. Installation Conditions: Our driver reserves the right to refuse installation under certain circumstances. This includes if the stand is not in working order, it is not a Cinco brand, or if the premises are deemed unsafe to enter.

3. Convenient Installation: You don’t need to be home for installation and delivery. If you’ve purchased a stand from us or have left your stand outside your front door, our driver can install the tree into the stand outside. Please ensure there is water available on the side so it can be poured into the stand after installation to keep the tree fresh.

Once your tree is securely installed, you can enjoy its beauty while ensuring its longevity. The Cinco Christmas Tree Stand features a water reservoir that requires daily topping up during the initial 7 to 14 days and less frequent replenishment after about a week or two.

To get a glimpse of the seamless installation process, watch our short 2-minute video showcasing how a Christmas tree is expertly placed into a Cinco stand.

Experience the Installation: Watch a 2-Minute Video Demonstrating Christmas Tree Placement in a Cinco Stand.

Video instructions on how to install a Christmas tree into a Christmas tree stand – cinco 10.

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