As an additional option we offer delivered Christmas tree to be installed into a Christmas tree stand. 

During your Christmas tree order, you will have the option of selecting that you’d like your Christmas tree on delivery be installed into a stand. The question is: “Do you need us to put the tree into a stand?” 

On selecting this, the friendly driver will put the Christmas tree into a stand for you. You will need to have a working stand or purchase a stand from us to have this service.  

If you have already purchased a Christmas tree and forgot to add Christmas tree installation, please Click here!

Please remember: 

A Christmas tree stand needs to be purchased from us or an existing working Christmas tree stand needs to be provided. 

Our driver can refuse installation: 

  • if the stand is not in a working order 
  • is not a cinco brand stand 
  • the premises are not safe to enter

This is an example of how a real Christmas tree is placed into a Christmas tree stand

The stand holds water and the water needs to be topped up daily for the first few days followed by every few days after about a week. 

(stand in image is a cinco 10)

Here is a short 2 minute video showing how a Christmas tree is installed into a cinco stand.  

Video instructions on how to install a Christmas tree into a Christmas tree stand – cinco brand.

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